I started this blog in June 2014.  Its main aim (as with most blogs sites) is to help others build up their own knowledge, give something back to the community and strengthen my own knowledge. 

Originally based on BlogEngine.NET, I migrated the site to WordPress in 2019.  Sadly, when I migrated, I had to ditch all the existing comments and thanks on posts as they wouldn’t transfer over properly – If you left a thank you or a message before then, I encourage you to do so again, as it really inspires me to write when I know I’m helping and making a difference.

Equally, in 2021 my hosting company, Digital Ocean, deleted my entire website when my bank card expired.  They made little attempt to contact me and as such I lost a lot of stuff.  I took the opportunity to clear out some very old posts, and I’m currently working on building back up the posts I had and to restore the images, which will take me a while.

I’m happy to network with any like-minded individuals and I’m equally as happy to team up and have you as an author for the website.  If you feel like you want to break into the world of blogging and are not quite sure where to start, send me a message and I’d be happy to assist or get you set up.

…Thanks for visiting.