As a consultant a lot of my time is spent working on infrastructures where I am working within tight timescales and I don’t have a great deal of insight into the configuration of their network. When an issue arises where I can’t connect to another system the question is asked “Do you have these ports open from A to B?” , often my contact is unsure as larger organisations generally have segregated IT functions and the network engineers are on a different team. Remembering all of the ports required from the different System Center 2012 R2 roles is also something you may have to refer to notes or TechNet for. So to assist me with all of my deployments I use Microsoft’s Port Query tool with a pre-configured xml of all the ports required between the different site systems. Below is is how it works


  • Download the tool from the Tool Section below
  • Extract the tool to your machine
  • Run the Port Query UI application
  • Go to File  > Open Config and chose the xml file

2015-07-03 13_05_39-Port Query

  • Add your IP / FQDN of the server in the top bar
  • In the Query Pre-Defined Service Window you will now see all the tests, chose the one you want and hit Query. The results can be saved by clicking File >> Save Result

2015-07-03 13_06_03-Port Query

  • Manual queries can be entered in the bottom radio button


SysCtr Port Checking (129KB)


I configured the ports from these Technet documents in July 2015

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      Jonathan says:

      Hi Zak, thank you for spotting this. Some things didn’t transfer over properly when we migrated the Site to WordPress. This should now be fixed. Jonathan.


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