Hello all,
Today I updated my lab from 1810 to 1902.
I noticed that when I set off the installation and monitored the process it seemed to stop on the prerequisites check.

I looked in the CMUpdate.log and discovered it was just stuck in a loop, with a constant “Sleeping for 600 Seconds message” (I forgot to screen shot it)
Waiting for changes to the “D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\” directories, updates will be polled in 600 seconds…   to be precise.
I know my forest functional level is set to Windows Server 2016 & my SQL version is 2016 so I think I’ll start by looking at this. I start by going here: and looking for “SQL Native Client… I find this…

Where it describes the versions required, my version isn’t correct.

So, a quick google and I find this: and when I check out the details of the installer it checks out with regards to version numbers:

I go ahead and install that get this message…


Once back up I set off the SCCM Upgrade again, I follow it in the details and keep an eye on the logs….  SQL Native Version now checks out….

And the upgrade to SCCM 1902 completes successfully.
Happy days.
Thank you for reading.