Problem: Since installing Windows 10 I get a random and regular BSOD related to the network
Solution: Since the 9926 release of Windows 10 Technical preview and after a bit of persuasion from some work colleagues, I decided to update my every day laptop to Windows 10.  I bought myself a Samsung Evo 1TB SSD drive and when it arrived I went for it.
Installation went fine and general use for the evening I did the install was OK but then the following day I got a BSOD event occur.  Then it re-occured at random intervals and at an alarming rate.  The laptop was unusable.  I downloaded SDK for windows 8.1 so I could examine the dump and had a friend take a look also.  We both concluded that the BSOD was related to a network driver file, NETwew00.sys, which was related to my Intel Wireless card.  I use a Intel® Centrino Advanced-N 6205 so, I decided to update the Intel ProSet drivers for the card.  Unfortunately this seemed to make it worse as the BSOD became more frequent.  In a last ditch effort I replaced the wireless card in my laptop for a completely different one.  The card was using completely different drivers.  Sorted right?  Wrong.  BSOD still persists.  Aaaarrggghhh!
By this time I was tearing my hair out with it, the BSOD said that NDU.sys was crashing so I turned my focus from the .dmp file which seemed to point towards the network card and focused on this particular sys file.  After searching I came across a post on a forum discussing that the Windows Network Data Usage Monitor Driver (or NDU.sys) which apparently was written rather badly by Microsoft and caused a nasty memory leak leading to additional paging, degraded HDD/SSD performance and eventual BSOD.
Discussion thread here:
The ‘Windows Network Data Usage Monitor Driver’ was written for Windows 8 and above operating systems and can be switched off with a simple registry key.
Open up “regedit” and go this key.
Change the “Start” value to 4 (to disable it).

and VOILA! I haven’t had a BSOD since!
My Hardware
HP Elitebook 8560p
Samsung Evo 840 1TB SSD

I hope this helps someone else out there experiencing this frustrating problem.  I have waited ten days before posting to see if it has cured it and so far so good.
Update 09.03.14: BSOD most certainly cured now.  Not happened since and its been a very long time now.