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How to build apps in Endpoint Manager

Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe and well. I've been thinking about writing this for a while and I hope it helps some of you new to app packaging. "How do I build apps?" It never hurts to brush up if you're a seasoned app-packager.…

Using FortiClient VPN with Hybrid AAD logon after Autopilot Process

Hi, Recently had a big win on this and wanted to share. Tied in with this post and this post, I have a customer who uses FortiClient as their VPN solution, and they have recently embarked on setting up Hybrid AAD.  We set their tenant…

PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit and Intune Win32 Apps

Hi Folks! Leading on from this post about getting started with PSADT, and as promised, I'm writing up my experience with it and creating Win32 Intune apps. So firstly, I'm assuming by now that you read and absorbed the first write up I…
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PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit Write Up

Hi all, thought I'd write up what I've been working on recently, which is re-visiting PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit.  A great Resource for ConfigMgr apps, but equally it is supported in Intune so I will be doing a follow-up post on using…
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System Center 2012 Port Checking Tool

As a consultant a lot of my time is spent working on infrastructures where I am working within tight