Deploying SQL Express

Ok so lots of information on this out there on the web, and I am by no means an SQL expert but this

Enable Server file Downloads in IE during OSD

Just recently its being annoying me that I have to enable file downloads in IE on each of the server
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Installing ConfigMgr

But it looks so complicated! There are a million articles to read which one is the right one? How do I work out what I need? Everyone seems to have a different way to do this! There are so many ways how do I know which is the right one?  Arrrrrgh!!  …

ConfigMgr – Managing External Domains

Leading on from my other posts about creating device and user collections, in my environment I need to manage multiple domains so I thought I’d do a quick post on some of the prerequisites and some tips.  All these things should make your…

Windows 10 Upgrade with MDT–A Walkthrough

So I wanted to test an in-place upgrade for upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10. Working in an education environment I know I have the following to contend with: 1. BIOS and not UEFI machines 2. Roaming Profiles and Redirected Documents implemented 3.…
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Windows 10 Image Build–A Walkthrough

I thought it was about time I sorted my deploymentshare ready for Windows 10 so today I ran through some upgrades. I suggest you fire up your WSUS installation before you start any of this, select Windows 10 from Products and Classifications…

System Centre DPM 2012R2 Install

Hello.  Had to install System Center Data Protection Manager 2012R2 today so took some screen shots along the way hopefully this can help someone walk through the process. Pre-requisites SQL2012R2_SP2 installed on server already. SQL Service…